Reliable, flexible and always on time.

Every client’s need is unique and we aim to fulfill yours with care and as fast as we can.  Therefore, good logistics are of the utmost importance. For us, this means that all operational activities must work together optimally, so that we can avoid wasting time and energy.

Our location in the center of Europe with easy access to major European seaports guarantees excellent logistical connection to our suppliers and customers all over the world. To ensure that transportation to our customers lives up to the standard of quality we set, we manage it ourselves from start to finish. This means we control all bookings, shipments and documentation up to CIF terms. All shipments come with correct documentation and treatment, such as fungicide treatment or fumigation, according to the regulations of your relevant location. Minimizing your time and effort is important to us.

Our trusted forwarding agents, with whom we have been working together for many years, play an important role in the success of delivering our products from the forest, to your yard.